There have been many people defending for Djokovic after some players attending Adria Tour infected with Covid-19.

Not long ago, the Adria Tour 2020 organized by the world’s No. 1 player Novak Djokovic became a disaster. Covid-19’s disdain makes the tournament organized by Nole expensive. After having some infected names such as Grigor Dimitrov or Borna Coric, it was the Serbian tennis player and his wife Jelena who both tested positive for the disease.

After the incident, Djokovic was subject to an unprecedented wave of criticism because people questioned his responsibilities when standing out to campaign brothers to Adria Tour.

Although things have calmed down, the Covid-19 outbreak at the Adria Tour performance tennis tournament forced officials from the World Tennis Federation (ITF) to make new changes in how to prevent the disease. That brings about many consequences arising and no one else, except the athletes will be the party most affected.

In that context, Djokovic is still becoming the most controversial topic in the felt ball village, seemingly causing the reputation of the world’s No. 1 player to decline.

But recently more people have spoken out to protect the Serbian tennis player, including Zdenko Zagar – his grandfather. Zagar said the media had exaggerated the incident and overly criticized Nole.  

“This is an outdoor tournament, Djokovic can’t bring corona virus there. I understand why he was constantly criticized. Those are dirty thoughts, Djokovic is more famous than those who have insulted him. It can be explained that Djokovic has influenced Nadal or Federer and the 20 players below. I don’t want to comment on that. ”

In other developments, French tennis player – Gilles Simon also recently made a shocking sharing with the media when he said that Djokovic was the victim of the “media game” and that there was some hidden force on Roger’s side. Federer .

“It’s ridiculous that a person who won the last 5/7 Grand Slam (Djokovic) doesn’t get the respect they deserve. It seems that the media only wants to put Swiss tennis players first, to do that, Djokovic is always the victim of negative posts”, Gilles Simon said.