Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov has just boasted a new girlfriend who is the son of a billionaire.

Tennis star Grigor Dimitrov shows that his lover is a billionaire son

On social networks Twitter and Instagram, Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov has just shown off a new girlfriend. This time it is a Russian beauty: Lolita Osmanova, the daughter of billionaire businessman Eldar Osmanov once had a husband’s life.

Besides, Lolita also serves as the president of the famous Luxury International magazine. In other words, the position of this new lover of Dimitrov is not inferior to the other beauties that have passed away, as prominent as tennis queen Maria Sharapova and American singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Rafael Nadal reveals his favorite food

In a recent TV show, Rafael Nadal revealed a special love for chocolate. “I really like chocolate. I often eat them in the evening. Even after brushing my teeth, I go back to the refrigerator to eat my favorite food. I have been trying to correct this habit. I like to eat milk chocolate. My wife sometimes has to hide them”.

Set the time that the audience can return to the tennis stands

In a recent interview, CEO of WTA Tour, Steve Simon revealed about the time when the audience can watch the tennis live like before. “The players understand the problem that we need to be able to organize tournaments. We need them to be healthy and secure the money for the tournaments.

Therefore, I do not think the audience will be able to fully fill the field before 2021 ends. Most likely, that will be done in 2022”.

Grigor Dimitrov public new girlfriend

Grigor Dimitrov has just published her relationship with a beautiful girl, Lolita Osmanova, on social networking sites. The press revealed that Dimitrov’s new lover is the daughter of Russian tycoon Eldar Osmanov and once had a husband’s life with a wedding worth $ 10 million. Grigor Dimitrov was once famous for his sisterly love affair with Maria Sharapova.