Former teacher of the world’s top tennis player Roger Federer, former tennis player Stefan Edberg has shared very details about the explosive comeback of the “Express Train” in Switzerland.

Former tennis player Stefan Edberg led Roger Federer in 2014 and 2015. This is the result of Roger Federer won only one title in 2012. Ready to make radical changes, tennis player Former No. 1 in the world started playing with a bigger racket, and invited Stefan Edberg to become a manager in 2014.

The great successes of Federer then made a big contribution from the adjustment that Stefan Edberg made. At the end of 2015, both decided to end their relationship, but of course both sides have good memories of each other.

Five years later, Federer is still among the best players in the world. However, the Swiss “Express Train” has just undergone 2 consecutive knee surgeries in the past year and he is expected to return only in 2021. However, contrary to the concerns of many, he Stefan Edberg still believes that Roger Federer will successfully return and soon return to the top of tennis world.

“I used to work with Roger Federer, he was eager to learn. He still has a passion for every game and always wants to be better. Right now, I’m sure he’s working. hard work to be ready to return and will soon reach the top in 2021”, said former tennis player Stefan Edberg.

Meanwhile, Federer has recently made meaningful statements about his competitive career. The 20-year-old Grand Slam player with Rafael Nadal admits he always looks family-oriented and spends a lot of time with loved ones, even when busy with tennis schedule.

In an open talk with BecomingX, Federer gave advice to every player with his own experience in the game. “You should spend a little more time with your friends or family, not look back and think like you’ve missed and sacrificed too much for tennis. Balance is always needed designed to make life a better place, ”said Federer.